Unit CRC

Development of CRC Seri Manjung


CRC Seri Manjung was established in July 2011 with Director General of Health Malaysia’s agreement. Dr Loo Tak Wah, Psychiatrist was appointed as the head of CRC Seri Manjung by Hospital Director and Hospital Research Committee. Initially CRC Seri Manjung was sharing an office room with Quality Unit. In Oct 2011, CRC national was given grant to develop CRC Seri Manjung. Hospital Director has permitted CRC Seri Manjung to shift to a building which was Hospital Director quarter previously.


Since March 2012, CRC Seri Manjung was fairly well equipped with IT facilities, pharmaceutical fridge, meeting room, international telephone and fax line.  At the end of 2012, medical freezer and centrifuges were added with support from National CRC to support ISR.


The head of CRC Seri Manjung was changed in February 2013 when Dr Loo was promoted to JUSA C in Teluk Intan Hospital. Dr. Lee Li Yuan, a newly promoted Medical consultant (JUSA C) was appointed to continue leading the CRC by Hospital Director and Hospital Research Committee.


As part of the Network of Clinical Research Centres of Ministry of Health (MOH), CRC Seri Manjung is responsible for conducting quality and ethical research to improve patient outcome in hospital.


Up to 2014, CRC Seri Manjung has conducted a few medical research awareness and proposal development workshops for doctors, pharmacists and nurses as well as assisted in development of HSR and research protocols. At the same time, CRC Seri Manjung has supported more than 6 ISRs with 3 completed enrolments and others in progress.